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Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

Bechtel Power Corporation, TVA Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Unit 2 Construction Completion Project, Knoxville, TN. Equipment Seismic Qualification (ESQ) group. Performed seismic structural qualification of structures, equipment and components. Structural analysis of base plate, embedded plate, connections, and steel design. Performed component failure analysis. Completed design change packages, calculations for seismic analysis of Category I steel and concrete structures, concrete anchorage of equipment and components, tanks, Safety Related panels, conduit/pipe/cable tray supports, their base/embedded plates, and reinforce concrete slab using Codes, Standards, Criteria, QA Procedures, Specifications, and Software. Performed field walkdowns, reviewed and approved field Civil Walkdown Packages. Prepared and checked tank and panel calculations of other experienced engineers. Performed welding inspections of structures.

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